05Jul 2024
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Introducing Appraisal Track: Enhancing Appraisal Management

Discover BankWise Technology's AppraisalTrack Module: Streamlining community bank appraisal processes with efficient double-blind protocols to ensure compliance and uphold integrity

19Jun 2024
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Dispute Management Enhanced with New Capabilities in Happy Banker

BankWise Technology is excited to announce significant enhancements to the Dispute Management module within our flagship product, Happy Banker.

01May 2023
real-time customer authentication

Real-Time Customer Authentication

Real-time customer authentication helps banks and credit unions verify a customer by using an out-of-band method (SMS text) to send a unique, numeric code that allows for instant, customer authentication. It can be part of a bank's multi-factor authentication process to help minimize fraudulent identity risk.

15Sep 2021

BankWise Technology Introduces Happy Banker

BankWise Technology™ has introduced Happy Banker, a software solution for banks and credit for use with their core processing system and their daily banking operations. These modules help banks ...