Resolve Issues, Enjoy your Day

Designed by Bankers for Bankers, the browser-based Happy Banker system helps you track and manage all the compliance details that can make a day at work really feel like a day at work. With comprehensive workflows that let you quickly see, track, manage and resolve all your compliance issues, you’ll know why we call it Happy Banker.

Keeping the Small Problems Small and the Exceptions Under Control

We have all been there – little problems and small compliance issues seem manageable at first, and keeping track of them on a notepad or spreadsheet used to work.  But, like the difference between one bee and a swarm of bees, or the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, there comes a time when you need a better, smarter and easier way.

Compliance issues and regulations are not going away.  In-fact they are growing.  We faced this problem at the regional bank where we worked.  Issues started piling up and we needed a smart, simple and integrated way, to keep the small problems small, to cross off issues on our list, and keep it all perfectly documented and secure.

Happy Banker Modules

Happy Banker consists of the following modules, and we are adding more all the time as our customers make requests for new functionality to help them work better and smarter while saving time and effort.

Debit Card Dispute Case Management

There is so much to keep track of. Happy Banker’s Debit Card Dispute Case Management module module makes it fast and simple to manage disputes, transactions, and their related customers. The system will even automatically generate and store correspondence with customers and remind you when important compliance deadlines are pending.

Overdraft Review

This daily review process can be cumbersome and time-consuming. In Happy Banker we streamline the review process for overdrawn accounts, by presenting all the important information required to make the pay/return decision on one screen. We record the details of the decision for compliance. Now, overdraft review can be simple and fast!

Customer Verify

Provides additional security for your call center by giving your operators a quick and convenient tool to accurately verify customer identity during high risk transactions. Fully integrated with your core system, Customer Verify has an instant text function to quickly handle two factor authentication.

High Risk Customer Monitor

Stay one step ahead! Our High Risk Customer Monitor module allows you to easily find and watch customers who need a closer look. It will assign people responsible for monitoring transactions, provide recent transaction information and remind them of the review due dates.

Custom Modules

With our comprehensive integration and extensible architecture, we can easily add new modules to help you solve your compliance or automation needs. Just ask us about Custom Programming for Banks.

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Multiple Deployment Options

We understand that you want to make the decisions about how best to manage the systems you use. After all, we were the data management compliance and security team at a bank before we started BankWise Technology. We designed the application to be flexible enough to fit into everyone’s security plan.

Hosted by You

Happy Banker uses the most standard web technologies, so everything is simple. Put Happy Banker behind your firewall on your own servers and put your worries aside. We will work with you to install and test the system in your environment. Our system is compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft SQL, MariaDB and MySQL to ensure IT can use the database backend they prefer.

Hosted in Your Secure Cloud

We have extensive experience deploying solutions in Microsoft Azure or AWS. Happy Banker is automatically deployed to your cloud platform and will be integrated with your existing infrastructure.

Hosted by BankWise in our Secure Cloud

Effort-free deployment in our MS Azure Secure Cloud environment. Let us host the system for you, and eliminate the work and security burden of maintaining your own secure cloud environment.

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