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Designed by bankers for bankers, Happy Banker is an integration and automation platform with unmatched flexibility. It is modular and easily expandable, with several existing turn-key modules that can help you manage and track the operational and compliance processes for customer interactions at your bank or credit union. Plus, with its reporting capabilities, you can design custom reports tailored to your bank’s needs, like compliance, audit, or management reports.

We understand that your FIs operations change frequently and as an integrated banking solution the Happy Banker platform modules can be designed quickly and efficiently to help you launch new services, and products or to improve internal operations.

Happy Banker is designed to work seamlessly with the core and other systems at your financial institution. By utilizing APIs, direct access to the data, and other automation techniques, Happy Banker can dramatically streamline your internal processes, reduce errors, improve employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. This is why we call it Happy Banker!

Create New Products and Solutions Quickly

Do you have an idea for a new product or service, but your existing system(s) do not support it? Do not give up on your innovative idea! By leveraging the Happy Banker integrated banking solution our clients were able to bring to market such innovative solutions like a Bitcoin Rewards Checking Account and a Ring Payment device. This type of innovation is made possible (in part) by Happy Banker and its ability to adapt to the unique and complex operating structures that these new-to-market products required.

Some forward-thinking projects that we recently worked on include:

Bitcoin Rewards

One of our pioneering bank clients engaged BankWise Technology (BWT) to develop a middleware system so they could offer a new consumer checking account. This new account rewards their customers when they used their debit card, with a percentage of each truncation going towards the purchase of Bitcoins. BWT developed the core system integration interface, built the integration with NYDIG, and leveraged Happy Banker to build an integrated banking solution back-office module that enabled the launch and ongoing support of this new product.

Pay Ring

This pay ring (first-in-the U.S. wearable payment product linked to a checking account) allows the bank’s customers to conveniently place their ring near the contactless terminal to make retail purchases. In concept it is similar to a contactless credit or debit card, the pay ring is used in the same fashion. BWT provided the backend system development, including integrations with the hardware vendor and the core system, customer authentication, ring ordering, sizing, fulfillment, ring activation and inventory management.

Happy Banker Modules

Happy Banker has the following turn-key modules, and we add new modules as our customers request new functionality that helps them work effectively and efficiently, that's why it works so well as an integrated banking solution.

Debit Card Dispute Case Management

Happy Banker’s Debit Card Dispute Case Management module makes it fast and simple to manage customer disputes, and transactions. One feature of this module is that it automatically generates and stores correspondence with customers and reminds you when important compliance or operational deadlines are pending. Plus, this module enhances the management of Regulation E (Reg E), so your bank and compliance dept. has an automated process to manage these disputes.

Overdraft Review

This daily review process can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Happy Banker streamlines the review process for overdrawn accounts, by presenting the essential information required to make the pay/return decision on one screen. The details of the decision are recorded for compliance purposes, or you can use this information in your management reports as needed. Plus, your call center staff can efficiently answer customer inquiries, and that leads to a better customer and staff experience. Now, overdraft review can be accurate, simple, and fast!

Customer Verify

Provides additional security for your branch and call center staff by giving them a quick and convenient tool to accurately authenticate customers identity when at a branch, on the phone, or on chat. This is helpful during high-risk, high-value transactions such as wires, ACH transactions, large withdrawals, and address change requests. These are the types of transactions that cybercriminals commonly use to commit fraud against your bank and customers. Fully integrated with your core system, Customer Verify provides real-time identification and has an instant SMS text function to quickly manage two-factor authentication.

High Risk Customer Monitor

Stay one step ahead of potential fraud to avoid risking your bank’s reputation and customer safety. Monitoring for Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) requirements are a critical function of banks. Our High Risk Customer Monitor module allows you to easily find and watch those customers who need a closer look. If you want, it will assign people to be responsible for monitoring transactions, provide recent transaction information and remind them of upcoming review due dates.

Custom Modules

With our comprehensive integration and extensible architecture, we can easily add new modules to help you solve your data, compliance or automation needs. We offer Custom Programming services and dedicated team to help support your goal in building better solutions for your bank.

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Multiple Deployment Options

We understand that you need to make decisions about how best to manage the systems you use. We had those same challenges as we were the technology team at a bank before we started BankWise Technology. We worked with operations, compliance, and security departments to help them achieve their department’s objectives. Our applications are designed to be flexible so they can work within your operating environment.

Hosted by You

Happy Banker uses standard web technologies, so everything is simple. Happy Banker can operate behind your firewall on your own servers so there are no concerns about security. We will work with you to install and test the system in your environment. Our system is compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft SQL, MariaDB and MySQL to ensure IT can use the database backend system they prefer.

Hosted in Your Secure Cloud

We have extensive experience deploying integrated banking solutions in Microsoft Azure or AWS. Happy Banker is automatically deployed to your cloud platform and will be integrated with your existing infrastructure.

Hosted by BankWise in our Secure Cloud

Effort-free deployment in our MS Azure Secure Cloud environment. Let us host the system for you and eliminate the work and security burden of maintaining your own secure cloud environment.


Happy Banker has a variety of built-in product and service integrations:


  • Save development time with turn-key modules
  • Minimize time to market by leveraging BWT dedicated bank experts
  • Cost savings as existing or custom modules are developed and deployed efficiently
  • Happy Banker is a unified platform that can host existing modules or custom modules
  • Flexible architecture that allows adoption to your FI’s business objectives

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