BankWise Technology™ has introduced Happy Banker, a software solution for banks and credit for use with their core processing system and their daily banking operations. These modules help banks leverage and enhance their core system for certain tasks and can save them time and money.

Happy Banker is a suite of modules that seamlessly integrate with a bank’s core operating system to assist in streamlining certain daily compliance and operational tasks. The modules are plug n play and can be combined or used individually.  Currently there are four modules; Customer Verify, High Risk Customer Monitor, Debit Card Dispute Case Management and Overdraft Review. Banks and credit unions must adhere to a strict set of regulations to maintain the safety and integrity of their customers and their bank in a rapidly changing environment. These modules help banks manage certain tasks in operational areas, like deposit operations and compliance, thereby increasing efficiencies and improved customer service. Happy Banker also offers a variety of hosting options; banks can host the software on their own server, in the cloud or on BankWise Technology’s secure cloud platform.

BankWise Technology Co-President and Chief Technology Officer Sergei Morgoslepov noted, “We are pleased to publicly launch this suite of modules to help banks and credit unions with their daily operations as it relates to compliance and risk management. Each day, banks process thousands of customer transactions, while adding new customers to their core operating system. Managing the complex environment of these transactions and customers requires technology to make it efficient while helping the bank’s staff manage this process. With the Happy Banker ecosystem, we help banks and credit unions streamline these daily operational tasks.”


About BWT

BankWise Technology (BWT) is a New York – based fintech company focused on providing custom applications and plug-n-play interface modules for community banks and credit unions. The BWT team has combined experience of more than 60 years in the financial services industry and a variety of expertise from front and back-end application development to planning and implementation. Our staff has an extensive background in working with community banks; many worked in-house for a leading, regional community bank in New York. Our work continues to assist these forward-thinking financial institutions to continually look for ways to increase operational efficiency while developing new products and services that are unique to their market. From managing PPP (Payroll Protection Program) loans to Bitcoin rewards checking and FIS Horizon® core system interfaces BWT can help.

In addition to the Happy Banker suite of modules, BankWise Technology provides data warehousing services, RPA, (Robotic Processing Automation), custom development, data integration, consulting, and other digital banking operations for financial services companies.