BankWise Technology has extensive experience with FIS Horizon core integrations. Our team originated from a bank where we ran FIS Horizon in-house. Through this experience, we gained in-depth knowledge about its data structure and integration options, including XChange and Code Connect APIs. To further our knowledge, we even looked at RPG source code. Over time, we've developed numerous integrated automation tools that could be highly beneficial to other banks.

Examples of solutions we've developed for various bank departments:

  • Business Analytics/BI – Harness the potential of data with our data warehousing solutions. Make informed decisions with actionable insights generated from integrated BI systems.
  • Operations, Loan Origination/Servicing - Boost operational efficiency with our RPA solutions. Automate manual processes, integrate with third-party systems, and eliminate manual spreadsheet tracking to enhance customer experience.
  • Compliance – Enhance your compliance processes by employing our High-Risk module or enabling other advanced automations with your existing compliance solution.
  • Marketing – Precise data extraction is paramount for successful marketing campaigns. With our data experience, we successfully integrated FIS Horizon with marketing systems like HubSpot and Marquis. We can help you drive customer engagement and build brand loyalty.
  • Business & Product Development - Stand out in the banking landscape with innovative products. Dive into our case studies on Pay Ring, a wearable payment device and Bitcoin Rewards Checking Account to see how we've enabled banks to innovate and capture new market share.

Turn-Key Solutions

  • Check Fraud Alerts - An innovative service that uses advanced technology to detect new check recipients and handwriting alterations, enhancing security and preventing check fraud in real-time.
  • Horizon Warehouse – A dedicated solution for channeling Horizon data, offering flexibility in choosing between SQL Server or diverse cloud platforms.
  • Customer Verify - A robust, instant, customer authentication system that ensures the safety and integrity of customer interactions.
  • NCR DI NRT Alerts Integration – Elevate user experience on NCR Digital Insight online banking by offering Near-Real-Time alerts. Our middleware implements NCR DI protocol for NRT alerts and enables them by tapping into your Horizon core.
  • Dispute Management – Track and resolve debit card transaction disputes using our Happy Banker Dispute Management module.
  • Encompass Data Warehouse and QA – Access up-to-date data from Encompass and cross-reference with Horizon data to ensure accurate loan processing.

Integrations, RPA, and Bots that work with FIS products:

  • Xchange API integrations for transfers, customer/account creations, relationship management (RM) , and other maintenance
  • Code Connect interface – access debit cards and other applications with FIS Code Connect API.
  • Online customer authentication using data in the core – quickly authenticate your customers by using their First/Last name, DOB, last 4 of the SSN and out-of-band authentication using their phone number on file.
  • Data extracts/warehousing via ODBC/OLE DB access. We have extensive expertise with the Horizon data schema and how to leverage it to enhance your bank’s operations.
  • Browser Bot automation for Horizon XE, Intercept, Payments One, OLB – automate tasks or perform multiple updates with ease using Browser Bot.
  • Converting spreadsheet-based processes to robust workflows based on our Happy Banker RPA Platform.

Client Projects Highlights

Innovative Solutions & Integrations

  • Pay Ring contactless payments - Pay Ring is a wearable device that allows customers to make purchases using contactless terminals. Offering ease and security, it's a step forward in modern payment transaction processing.
  • Bitcoin Rewards program - Earn Bitcoin as rewards with every qualifying debit card transaction. A modern twist on traditional banking rewards that caters to the crypto-savvy customer.
  • Data warehousing and consolidation for consumption by BI - Streamline and consolidate data from various sources into one unified data warehouse, optimized for efficient retrieval and analysis by Business Intelligence tools.
  • Customer Authentication for Plaid - An integrated security measure that uses core banking data for robust customer authentication, ensuring data safety during transactions or account access.
  • Customer Verify - An automated real-time authentication system, utilizing text messaging for in-person, chat, or voice-based interactions, enhancing security and ensuring customer identity verification during critical transactions.

FIS Horizon Product Expertise

  • Horizon - Xchange, Code Connect, direct DB access via ODBC/OLE, file uploads: ACH/OTP/ATE
  • Image Centre (image retrieval, statements)
  • H360
  • Payments One
  • Intercept
  • OLB
  • Cold storage
  • FormsPrint
  • FileMover

Horizon Third-Party Integrations Developed by BWT

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