Custom Programming and Technology Consulting for Financial Institutions

Custom development and IT in the financial industry is simply not the same as in other fields. Security, compliance and accuracy need to be foremost in the minds of developers. That’s why working with us makes the most sense. We know the right questions to ask, because we have dedicated our careers to banking. One area of our expertise is custom development technology consulting for banks and as former bankers we know bank systems from core integration to APIs and RPA.

Reasons to Use BankWise Technology for your Next Custom Development Project

  • Banking Best Practices

    We are an exclusively US - based team and each of our developers has extensive custom development bank experience. Don’t waste your time explaining what is “bank-obvious” to non-bank-based programmers.

  • Experience

    We have developed more than 25 applications in the field of banking, many of which were custom development projects including a full-featured, web-based banking system, loan origination systems, compliance apps, document management systems, data-warehouse systems and custom add-ons to FIS Horizon™ and other core banking systems.

  • Integration Know-How

    Happy Banker is a modern browser-based software system incorporating the latest technologies that can be used as a stand-alone product or integrated to FIS Horizon™ and other core systems.

  • Core Knowledge

    BankWise Technology has proprietary and exclusive building-block technology and tools developed with our deep understanding of the schema and nuances of the most common core banking systems. Our fully-developed data warehouse system for FIS Horizon (TM) gives us an unprecedented ability to safely query and use the data in that system for custom projects involving specialized reporting and compliance testing.

  • Fast Turnaround

    Let’s face it, you need the work done yesterday. BankWise Technology is an agile developer of high-quality solutions without the overhead, onerous contracts and systemic delays associated with the big system’s in-house development shops. Get your project done with us in weeks, not months (or years).

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