In this digital age, financial institutions are increasingly reliant on diverse applications that need to seamlessly work together. Whether it’s extracting data from the core to propel your new marketing campaign or processing new loan data back into the core, or generating actionable reports based on the reliable data delivered from several systems – these, and almost any other new system deployment requires some degree of integration between various systems. Let's take a look at the 5 keys to successful bank core integration projects.


1. Knowledge of Data Structure/Table Layout
The Backbone of Integration
For instance, every core system has a unique way of storing data, often dispersed across a myriad of tables. Understanding this data structure is like understanding the DNA of the system.

    • Significance: The data or table layout provides a blueprint for where and how the system stores its essential information. Without understanding this blueprint, integrating with the system can be akin to navigating a maze blindfolded.
    • BankWise Insight: At BankWise, our extensive experience with FIS Horizon has given us deep insight into its data structure, enabling seamless integrations and data extraction processes.

2. Understanding of the APIs and Other Integration Interfaces
Bridging the Communication Gap
APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the gateways through which different software solutions communicate. Knowledge of these APIs ensures smooth data flow between integrated systems.

    • Significance: Each core system often has its own set of APIs, which dictate how external systems can request and receive data. Misunderstanding these APIs can lead to failed data pulls, duplicated information, or data breaches.
    • BankWise Insight: With our experience in XChange and Code Connect APIs, we've successfully bridged diverse software solutions, enabling them to 'speak' to one another with precision.

3. Understanding of Security and Compliance
Guarding the Fort
Financial data is both sensitive and valuable. Any integration must adhere to stringent security protocols and remain compliant with regulatory standards.

    • Significance: Inadequate security during integration can lead to data breaches, resulting in financial losses, reputational damage, and regulatory penalties.
    • BankWise Insight: Our in-depth knowledge of banking has taught us how to apply the best security practices during each phase of our projects, including planning, development, deployment, and operational monitoring.

 4. Experience with Development and Automation Tools
Crafting with Precision
In particular, the tools used for integration can make or break the process. Familiarity with these tools ensures the project proceeds without hitches.

    • Significance: Optimal tool selection and expertise ensure a faster, smoother, and more efficient integration process.
    • BankWise Insight: From ODBC/OLE DB access tools to the innovative Browser Bot for Horizon XE and beyond, our experience spans a wide range of development tools crucial for successful integrations.

5. Choosing a Development Partner with Banking Experience
Guidance from Those Who've Walked the Path
It's essential to recognize that understanding the banking sector's intricacies is as vital as technical know-how. A partner with banking experience brings insights from both the technical and operational facets of the industry.

    • Significance: A partner rooted in the banking domain can anticipate challenges, offer solutions tailored to banking operations, and ensure that the integration aligns with the institution's broader goals.
    • BankWise Insight: Originating from a bank where we ran the FIS Horizon system in-house, we bring the best of both worlds: deep technical expertise coupled with an intimate understanding of banking operations.

In conclusion, while the technical facets of core integration are critical, they represent only a piece of the broader picture. A comprehensive strategy that melds technical expertise with industry-specific knowledge is vital for successful core integration projects. At BankWise, we check off these five keys to successful bank core integration projects while ensuring that our clients benefit from integrations that are seamless, secure, and perfectly tailored to their objectives.

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