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Customer Verify

If your bank still uses an identity verification process with easily compromised credentials like DOB or SSN (as many do), Customer Verify provides an improved, secure alternative.

It allows financial institutions to reduce identity fraud risk by authenticating customers in real-time prior to performing a high-risk, high value transaction.

How? Using our instant customer authentication solution, Customer Verify can confirm the identity of your customer at the branch, prior to performing a teller transaction, like a large cash withdrawal or an ACH, or wire requests. Plus it works for online, chat, or personal appointments as well.

The result? This banking fraud prevention solution may help your bank save tens of thousands of dollars or more in potential fraud losses that are associated with these types of transactions. In fact, if just one fraudulent transaction is prevented, it easily pays for itself.

Now your customers will have peace-of-mind knowing that their accounts and identity are secure when performing real-time, high-risk, high-value transactions — the ones most targeted by fraudsters.

Key Benefits:

Real-time Authentication

Uses a random, numeric code that allows for instant customer confirmation and assures security of the transaction

Helps to Deter and Reduce Fraud

through a significantly improved customer authentication process.

Quick and Easy

Convenient for employees and customers, as they simply give the code from their phone to the branch or call center CSR

Improves CX

Customer authentication process is quick and simple, and additional security creates peace- of- mind, all with no software or app needed by the customer

Key Features:

See the full list of product features: Download the product sheet here.

  • Easy and flexible deployment options - BWT cloud, bank private cloud or bank on-premise server

  • Immediate out-of-band verification method - via SMS text prior to performing a high-risk, high-value transaction

  • Adheres to regulatory and audit requirements - by providing a history of each customer verification record

  • No hardware for the bank or customer and optional software for the bank

  • Integrates with your bank’s core system - or provides an easy way to import the data

  • Easily configurable - to fit the needs of your financial institution

Introducing QuickConfirm

Expand your customer verification process further with QuickConfirm, a dynamic extension of our proven Customer Verify solution. QuickConfirm is engineered to facilitate instant two-way communication via SMS, enhancing your security framework.

Consider these real-life examples:

  • Wire Transfers: A potentially high-risk transaction, such as a wire transfer, is flagged in your system. Instead of engaging in time-consuming phone calls or manual checks, QuickConfirm allows you to instantly send an SMS to the customer: 'Did you request a wire transfer to XXX in the amount of $1,234.56? Please confirm by replying Y or N.'
  • Check Authenticity: In light of the growing instances of check fraud, QuickConfirm enables you to swiftly query your customer: 'Did you write a check to XXXX in the amount of $1,234.56? Please confirm by replying Y or N.'

Watch this short video to see how QuickConfirm can help reduce fraudulent activity.

These instantaneous checks significantly narrow the window for fraudulent activities, ensuring peace of mind for both your bank and your customers. QuickConfirm, like Customer Verify, is seamless and effortlessly integrates with your existing systems, fortifying your institution's security measures.

A real-time customer authentication solution with flexible pricing

Annual pricing plan options are available and are based on the monthly number of verifiable transactions that your bank needs. To learn more, please contact us so we can discuss how Customer Verify can best fit the needs of your bank or credit union.

Building the case for Customer Verify

When it comes to high-risk, high-value transactions, customer ID verification using DOB and SSN isn’t enough or secure. These identity markers are most likely on the dark web and are often comprised.

In fact, with the cost of fraud being up to 13% higher than before the pandemic, nationally, banks lose millions of dollars to fraud each year. Now more than ever, banks need to have a real time customer authentication solution in place when performing high-risk, high-value transactions.

The solution? Customer Verify, it is a user-friendly tool for banks and credit unions that provides an instant, real-time authentication by using the customer’s mobile phone number with an SMS text verification code.

Interested in how Customer Verify works with other BankWise modules?

Customer Verify is one of many standalone products within our Happy Banker product suite, including: Debit Card Dispute Case Management, High Risk Customer Monitor, Overdraft Review, Real Time Account Transaction Alerts, and Business Dropbox® File Share.

Like all our products, it easily integrates with core systems like FIS Horizon®.

Visit Happy Banker to learn more.

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Tackle banking fraud prevention. Improve your bank’s safeguards to minimize risk associated with these types of transactions while improving your staff and customer experience.

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