Automation in banking has been a key driver of operational efficiency, accuracy, and improved customer experience. It involves using technology to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intervention, often repetitive and routine tasks. Automation can range from simple rule-based scripts to more complex AI-driven decision-making systems

Low-code platforms have emerged as powerful tools in this context. They allow developers and even non-technical staff to create applications through visual interfaces, instead of writing extensive code. In banking, low-code platforms can be used to build customer-facing applications, internal tools, and to automate complex workflows. These platforms speed up development time, reduce the need for specialized coding skills, and enable rapid iteration and adaptation of applications.

For example, a bank might use a low-code platform to create a mobile app for loan applications. The platform could provide pre-built modules for data input, validation, user management, and integration with the bank's core systems. This allows the bank to deliver new services quickly and to adapt them as market conditions or customer needs change

 Robotic Process Automation (RPA), or bots, are another key technology for automation in banking. RPA involves programming software robots to carry out repetitive tasks that are rule-based and don't require complex decision making. These tasks might include data entry, transaction processing, or generating standard reports.

In banking, RPA bots can be used to automate tasks in areas such as customer service, compliance, or back-office operations. For example, an RPA bot might be programmed to extract information from customer emails and update the customer's account information in the bank's systems. This can speed up response times, improve data accuracy, and free up staff for more complex and high-value tasks.


However, both low-code platforms and RPA also present challenges. These technologies need to be carefully managed to ensure they are secure, compliant with regulations, and that they don't create new operational risks. For this reason, banks often need to invest in skills, systems, and governance processes to effectively use these technologies.

Happy Banker

BankWise Technology is the proud creator of Happy Banker, an innovative, modular automation management platform specifically tailored to the banking sector. Designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, Happy Banker includes a host of turn-key modules for managing various banking processes, such as loan operations, compliance tasks, and more.

The versatility of Happy Banker is further amplified by a suite of pre-built bots and a wide range of API integrations. These features make the platform highly adaptable, facilitating smooth automation and integration with existing banking systems and third-party applications.

By design, Happy Banker isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Understanding that each bank has its unique needs and challenges, we're prepared to expand Happy Banker with custom modules designed specifically for your institution. With BankWise Technology, you can count on a platform that evolves with your bank, making banking more efficient, and happier, for your team and your customers.


About BankWise Technology

BankWise Technology provides custom data integration, API and RPA applications and plug-n-play interface modules through its Happy Banker platform for community banks and credit unions. Our focus is on providing solutions to our clients that are easily adapted to their operating environment, while being flexible and user-friendly.

The team has combined experience of 60+ years in the financial services industry. Expertise ranges from front and back-end application development to planning and implementation. We assist forward-thinking financial institutions in looking for ways to increase operational efficiency with data integration and software development and to help develop new products and services. From managing PPP (Payroll Protection Program) loans to bitcoin rewards checking or Pay Ring and core system interfaces, we can help.  Please contact us to learn more about our services.

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